Hand-Fist-Index (Mimetic Club)

Backyard of Thomas Jeppe’s studio

“Rhythm and pattern being the road to open symbolism.” (WB Yeats about Aubrey Beardsley) >>> Yes! Thomas Jeppe shows finally his “Hand-Fist-Index (Mimetic Club)” paintings at EP Gallery, Austin, Texas


… By Manuel

homemade wins – always

“Now THAT looks like a house party! ´:B Yea. Beats sound kinda homemade but nice and grooooovy anyway! Love it!” ewerybody, 11 months ago
“Thanks for the comment. HOMEMADE BEATS? Yes, for sure. I’m a drummer…we create… LuVsmile” BadBalenax, 11 months ago

… By Manuel

Native Ozone Language

Okay, this one really catched me. By homeboy Michael Ozone (AUS). The best lowfi quality you can get in high definition.

… By Manuel