Hand-Fist-Index (Mimetic Club)

Backyard of Thomas Jeppe’s studio

“Rhythm and pattern being the road to open symbolism.” (WB Yeats about Aubrey Beardsley) >>> Yes! Thomas Jeppe shows finally his “Hand-Fist-Index (Mimetic Club)” paintings at EP Gallery, Austin, Texas

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From the exhibtion text:  ”Also when thinking about the club, this Mimetic idea has been floating around (in my head and the heads of colleagues) for a while – forms of cultural practice that develop in and around the club mimicking that which came before; the music echoing its predecessors; house music always stating and affirming its own situation: “it’s house, it’s house, it’s house…”; techno being designed to never end, but to repeat itself, on and on… And the idea that within this mimetic structure, something stunning and special that defies direct account takes place.  It’s not beyond the rational, and it’s not magic, but it can’t be readily compressed and communicated: it only exists in real time. “House is a Feeling”… ”